Open Floor Expressive Dance

What happens in an Open Floor Dance session? These Conscious Dance (also called Expressive Dance) classes are inclusive, interactive sessions for people of all ages and abilities. Music is typically used during a class, and at times there may not be music, according to the needs of the group during the session. On the dance floor, we move and include all that there is in the room, in the world, in our lives.

Empathic Skills Training

This one-day training gives front-line staff the tools to deliver effective emotional support to the people in their care. Participants will learn about the relationship between people's fundamental needs and emotional expression through a mixture of discussion-based and experiential exercises.

Learn and Teach

Adam loves to learn and teach about human relationships and what makes effective emotional support between individuals. Adam has trained in Gestalt Psychotherapy (at The Gestalt Centre, London) and Conscious Dance facilitation (Open Floor International, He attends and assists on a broad range of personal development workshops which provide an endless source of material on human relating.



"Adam has a strong empathic presence and can very capably hold space for experiential learning, running workshops in which people can deepen their understanding and strengthen their skills of empathy."
Devaraj Sandberg, Therapist and Workshop facilitator

"I enjoyed two sessions of dance led by Adam. I found his presence attentive, his instructions clear and delivered gently. The spoken pair work exercise was very interesting and I thought the music a good variety. I hope I can attend more in the future."
Janet Adams, Dance Movement Therapist

"Adam's instructions were spacious and I felt the permission to be wherever I needed to be. I enjoyed the class and had some deep insights during the class. He has a good awareness of the group energy and how to guide it gently and confidently."

"Sensitive spontaneity, leading the group with a great energy, encouraging enquiry."
Emma, Yoga Teacher

"Adam Frost is an intelligent, thoughtful, kind, empathic and skilled man who is very able to run workshops, hold groups and be with people as a facillitator. He leads and teaches both by education and by example."
Sue Rickards, 5 Rhythms and Open Floor Conscious Dance teacher.

"Adam has supported me through several crises in the last few months, he is gifted at understanding conflict situations as well as intense emotional states, and communicating in a way that makes everything feel clear and simple."
Philippa Tidd





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Adam Frost
Osho Leela, Personal Development Centre
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