Empathic Skills Training

It is a person's empathic skills that govern their speech, body language and actions whenever they are in a role of offering emotional support to another. Further, empathic skills are founded on a capacity to feel what is happening for the other person while at the same time, staying present and not being overly affected by the experience.

This one-day course, designed specifically for front-line staff in the care sector, provides an engaging and empowering experience. Participants learn about the relationship between people's fundamental needs and emotional expression through a mixture of discussion-based and experiential exercises. They leave at the end of the day with greater confidence in their personal resources to support others in finding ways to meet their emotional needs.

Book this training for your staff to have stronger understanding and skills to deliver effective support on a human-to-human level to those in their care.


One day training for up to 12 participants: £550

About this training

The Empathic Skills Training, developed by Adam, is a result of his combined experience, as a support worker for seven years with adults who have learning disabilities and the learning he has gained around interpersonal dynamics since 2006 through explorations of mindfulness and related practices plus Gestalt counselling and psychotherapy training.

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